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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Information and answers to questions You May Find Helpful


Our Frequently asked questions are designed to provide answers to any queries you may have regarding our website, how we operate and how iSave Discounts can save you money on your purchases.

If you cant find an answer to your question here, then please contact us using our                [contact Us] form.

What is iSave Discounts?

iSave Discounts is a great new way of saving money on everyday purchases.

 iSave Discounts is an exclusive discount club offering money off discounts across a wide range of merchants.

This is achieved through our website

We have negotiated some of the best discounted deals available with a whole variety of big brand shops, stores, restaurants, trade services etc... to ensure that they provide their best service to all our customers. 


Our website enables you to shop at your favourite online stores as you normally would but receive great deals or money off  the things you purchase from each of our online merchants. From trades to retail to take-aways, each one of our partipating merchants will offer legitimate discounts off their advertised products.

                  Helping you SAVE SAVE SAVE!!

These discounts and special offer deals are provided to you in the form of either;



  • Code  : A voucher code and the link to the merchant’s website.

  • Deal   :The deal offer and the link to the deal via the merchant's website.



This is an entirely unique and exciting new way to shop

You can get discounts on almost everything you can purchase!



How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, access the ‘UPDATE ACCOUNT’ section via the MEMBERS AREA on the iSaveDiscounts website, you can then enter  ‘NEW PASSWORD’ and 'CONFIRM PASSWORD'.



What do I do if my address or contact details change?

To change your address, access the ‘UPDATE ACCOUNT’ section via the MEMBERS AREA on the iSaveDiscounts website, you can then enter your new address details.



 How do I contact the iSave Discounts Team?


Please email us